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The Big Festival of Comics

11 and 12 of August, Street Art Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia

“Big Festival” is the largest annual festival of comics, cosplay and nostalgia in Russia, where the visitors have an opportunity to feel the spirit of joy and join a wonderful world of comics and favorite fandoms, and also meet their idols and heroes, such as comic artists, animators, actors and bloggers from all over the world in person. You will be filled with joy of unforgettable experience, happiness, prizes, gifts and new meetings.

The area of Festival is divided into four zones: Russia, Asia, Europe and America to create the most ambitious festival in Russia. Cartoons, movies, comics and games — there is something for every visitor here. Everyone will recall heroes of his childhood, find out some new ones and have fun.

There is a surpassing quantity of theme zones, entertainment areas, world known celebrities and bloggers, lecture-halls, shops, exhibitions and exclusive content.

By the way! Our festival is the prize holder of ComicsBoom awards in nomination of “The Best Comics Festival in Russia 2016”.

Invited guests’ feedback in 2016

Alex Hirsch

“Big Fest Russia is one of the best conventions in the world! Rad costumes, amazing displays, and a crowd with pure passion for comics, movies, and pop culture. Plus I got to eat freeze-dried cosmonaut borscht from a tube. Beat that, New York ComicCon! Dont miss it!”

Rufus Dayglo

“Big Fest was such an incredible experience! Such dedication! I’ve never encountered such kindness, enthusiasm, generosity and had so much fun. Russia is just incredible. I can’t recommend Big Fest enough. The people a are so wonderful, the crowds of fans are so kind, and the city is truly one of the places you have to visit. As an artist I felt such an affinity with the place! The show is organised with love, and it shows. The Show’s crew and volunteers are wonderful and we made amazing friends. I can’t wait to go back.”

Patrick McHale

“It was great! Actually, it was better than great. Meeting all the Over the Garden Wall fans at Big Fest was one of the most memorable experiences of my career. The fans there were just so amazing. And the folks who ran the event were incredible too; all artists, writers, musicians, philosophers and/or nerds themselves. Putting on this festival is clearly a labor of love for them, and it shows. I guess what I’m trying to say is: I recommmend it!”

Mateus Santolouco

“I had a blast in Big Fest! It was amazing to see closely the effervescent comics scene growing in Russia. It was a great place to be with fantastic and friendly people all around! I hope to come back soon! Long live the Big Fest!”

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Big Festival 2017

Guests of BF 2017

Kevin Eastman

One of the creators of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the comics writer

Danila Poperechny

Blogger, stand up comic

This is Horosho



You Tube Star, russian voice of Rick and Morty

The Hatters

St. Petersburg folk band

Neuromonakh Feofan

Old Russian drum and bass musician

Fedor Comics

Animator, video blogger

Jim Lawson

Artist of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Peter Milligan

Writer of Marvel, DC, Vertigo and 2000 AD

Javier Pulido

Artist of Marvel, DC and Vertigo

Evgeny Yakovlev

Artist of  BUBBLE, BOOM! Studios, comics writer

Askold Akishin

Master of Russian comics

Location of BF 2018

Big Festival needs a big location! This year it takes place at Street Art Museum. Its territory is enormous, more than 12.000 meters square.

It will be filled with more than 40 theme zones, more than 15 entertainment areas, a food-court, music battles, lecture-halls, cinema, exhibitions, author alley, and a lot of other amusing stuff.

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