Show and performance

There is an amazing schedule waiting for you at Festival this year!
Cheerful opening ceremony will flow into the most beautiful cosplay performance straight from the stage. Presentations and announcements from the biggest publishing houses will take place there. We also prepared tonnes of prizes from Big Festival and our partners.
This is gonna be LE-GEN-DA-RY!

Entertainment zones

Cosmonautics Federation zone

Every visitor will be able to see and hear the very first satellite of Earth, find out about our planets’ spaceports and even go to the International Space Station.

Group of zone

Witcher Zone

Monster hunting, spear running, wonderful ladies and East Slavic mythology.

Group of zone

VR zone

The latest products of VR technology. The future is here!

Spherical Cinema

Here you can watch awesome short scientific movies about our Universe, filmed in association with NASA.

Soviet Arcade Machines Museum

Of course, we can’t make it without our old and beloved arcade machines straight from our childhood.

Table-Top Games zone by

You can play every game you find here, participate in competitions and tournaments

Group of zone

Fanzine Factory

Here you can make you very own first fanzine and read some fanzines made by other people!

Group of zone

Comics Exhibition

Comics from our childhood, and even more!

Caps and Chewing Gum Sweetie Papers Exhibition

Enjoy the current biggest collection

Videotape Salon of the 90’s

Your favorite movies voiced by Volodarsky!

Comics crossing zone

Comics exchange. If you have the comics that you want to trade for something new, bring them here!

Scott Pilgrim zone

Rock battle right in front of you! You will hear the well-known OSTs and openings and make some noise in the crowd, of course!

Scotch Tape Crew

You will embrace the power of the almighty scotch tape and learn how to make costumes in 10 minutes.

Retro PC zone

Old-school computers and games from your childhood, everything is free to touch and play!

Thematic zones

SCP Foundation

Secure, Contain, Protect, — here is a slogan of a company that specializes on analyzing paranormal activities and objects.

Group of zone


Exit through the dungeon straight to the Big Festival.

Group of zone

Banana Guard

Fun and charismatic sentinels from the “Adventure Time” cartoon series.

Group of zone

Beavis and Butthead

Take a seat on the couch — these two are already here waiting for you!

Group of zone

Steven Universe

Crystal gems are protecting our world from danger and boredom — for the very first time at Big Festival!

Group of zone

Sin City

Iconic noir graphic novel and movie are about to become part of Big Festival, too.

Group of zone

Call of Jungles

An educational and interactive TV show for children is back again at Big Festival. Jungles are calling for you!

Group of zone

Rick and Morty

Adventures in another worlds in company of a relative-scientist-alcoholic-intergalactic criminal. There will be a real-size Flying Saucer Car!

Group of zone

Rock Pub

Meet European rock music, from British rock-n-roll to Scandinavian death metal.

Group of zone

Twin Peaks

Enter the red room to grab some coffee and solve the mystery of Lora Palmer.

Group of zone

Hundred years of Revolution

A memorial to important events of 1917th, photos, news footage and flashbacks.

Group of zone

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

TMNT comics. TMNT cartoons. Even the creator of TMNT himself — this zone has everything you want!

Group of zone

Miyazaki Universe

Take a sit in our Moving Castle and feel the atmosphere of masterpieces by animation genius Hayao Miyazaki.

Group of zone

South Park

Small town in state of Colorado is about to move in Saint Petersburg, Russia for a couple of days.

Group of zone

Warhammer 40 000

For the Emperor or for Chaos? For the fun!

Group of zone

The Main Post Office of Ankh-Morpork

We’ll deliver you straight to the Big Festival! Stamps are optional.

Group of zone

Communal Apartment

This is a communal, communal apartment. It is a communal, communal country.

Group of zone

Lupen III

In pursuit of the treasures and beautiful ladies at the Big Festival.

Group of zone

eJoJo Bizarre Adventures

The world’s first hedgehog cosplayer, where else can you see this?

Group of zone

Daily Bugle office

These guys will tell you about the Spider-Man.

Group of zone

Dungeons and Dragons

Go down into the dungeon, defeat the dragon!

Group of zone

Game of Thrones

You do not know anything, John Sna, the Big Festival is coming!


Ryan North

Comic writer of “Adventure Time with Finn & Jake” and “Jughead”

Johnny Ryan

Creator of “Prison Pit” & “Pig Goat Banana Cricket”


YouTube Star, russian voice of “Rick and Morty”

Fedor Comics

Animator, video blogger

Evgeny Yakovlev

Artist of BUBBLE, BOOM! Studios, comics writer

Other guests of BF2018 will appear here as they are announced, stay tuned!