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— We have four types of tickets. Choose any!

Day one

1400 rubles

Day two

1400 rubles

Both days

2000 rubles


4500 rubles

— I’ve decided! I want to or buy paper ticket

Paper tickets

St. Petersburg:

Двадцать восьмой – наб. Обводного канала, 60 (ТКАЧИ);
Подписные издания – Литейный, 57;
Fast Anime Studio – Московский пр., 20;
ANIMEPOINT – Невский пр., 34 и ул. Боровая, 52;
Лавки комиксов Апельсин – Большой пр. П.С., 70-72 и пр. Обуховской Обороны, 105.


Двадцать восьмой Москва – ул. Б. Новодмитровская, д. 36, “Флакон”, строение 2
Чук и Гик – Большой Палашевский пер. д 9 и Климентовский пер. д 6.


There will be only 350 of those. For the owners of such tickets there will be a separate entrance which will open 30 minutes prior to the regular one.

Upon entrance each owner of superticket will be given a special Big Festival 2018 calendar featuring prints of multinational artists as well as a Marvel comic book with limited edition cover which will be available only to owners of superitckets.