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Artplay space — Krasnogvardeyskaya pl., 3, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Rules of the Big Festival

Here are very-brief-and-essential-rules-of-Big-Festival.
Full rules (russian)

1. You can enter the Festival by presenting a ticket:
– The Big Ticket (aka entrance ticket) is of three types: for day 1, for day 2, or for both days.
– Superticket is for both days, with extra goodies and special entrance that is opened 30 minutes earlier than for the other guests.
Any ticket is a ONE WAY ticket (once you left the territory, you can’t come back the same day.

2. Young Padawans under 12 years old should be accompanied by the older Masters.

3. If you are 6 years old or less, you can buy one Big Ticket and take one of your parents with you for free

4. To have enough energy for partying all day, you can:
– take a meal in special zones of Festival (food-court, for example);
– grab a chocolate bar or energy bar, and some water in a plastic bottle (1 liter maximum).
Perishable products, fastfood, homemade pasta and soda will be taken from you and taken to the relief fund of gatekeepers.

5. Please, leave guns, drugs and other prohibited things home, don’t take them to the Festival.

6. Take care of each other/friends/children/personal bags yourself

7. This is a Festival of kindness, fun, comics, nostalgia, and don’t forget about Robot and Space Dog! So we insist on you being in a good mood. Please be kind and respect other visitors, guests and organizers.

Ignorance of the rules is no excuse.